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Our most comprehensive program. We work with each student and family to navigate each step of the transition from high school to university. Every part of the process is treated with care and enthusiasm, never allowing our students to take on more than what will serve them personally and in achieving their goals. Our mentoring helps each student face the challenges, expectations, pressures, and distractions that often overshadow a time which should be rewarding and fulfilling.



We will review college essays and give feedback based on availability. This type of service is only helpful for a certain type of student, as we are reading essays without understanding the full context of the student's experience. If a student is looking for a second opinion or help with building a narrative or direction, reach out to us and we can develop a plan.



FindaBetterU might be right for you if you are looking to host an event that demands an experienced, candid, professional, and insightful speaker who can elucidate on a variety of topics around teens and their transition from high school to university: creating strong stories for college essays; understanding myths and truths in the high school years; identifying right fit schools and what that means; managing and communicating expectations; and how to use this particular process as a stepping stone for building self-awareness and healthy relationships within family units.