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Our students

Looking back, I have much more than the application and admission process to thank Brady for. He provided valuable counsel and guidance, as he normally does, but he also did something much more important and lasting: he led me to believe in myself. He encouraged me to apply by portraying myself, not the alter ego one may think would be more appealing to the admissions board but my true self. By doing so, he pushed me into a journey of introspection that led not only to a stellar application and subsequent admission to Harvard; it also jumpstarted a journey of self-discovery that will accompany beyond academia. Forever thankful.
— Francisco R, harvard university

Working with Brady made the entire college application process so much easier. The fact that he knows me as a student and is also a friend is the greatest thing about working with him because he genuinely understands me and what options would work best. I really liked how the relationship while working is very professional but at the same time I felt like I was always just chatting with a friend about my future. Brady is awesome. When people ask me about him I never refer to him as a “counselor”, but rather a friend
— Juan Sucre, sarah lawrence college
Working with Brady was a pleasure in every sense. Throughout the whole confusing process of applying to college, what I liked the most about it was having the peace of mind that I was letting my personality show in my essays in a well-written way. I would do it all over again, and now I can only hope to find help like his in the future with my career-oriented goals.

I had so much anxiety about college that I applied to 23 schools. Brady respected my decision to apply to that many schools, so long as I was willing to put in the work. When I was slacking, he kept me on track. No matter how many I had to write, he always pushed me to go further in my essays. Brady’s editing helped me become a better writer and he challenged me to pour my whole self into each application, to tell admissions what I wanted to say, not what I thought they wanted to hear. If it weren’t for Brady, I would not have retained my sanity throughout the process. Brady is also very level-headed but stern in his deadlines, a structure I truly needed. I owe so much to Brady for also helping me choose the right college. Brady is not only a college advisor but also a friend I’ll have for life!


Parents & professionals

Our three boys (triplets) attended a school in Mexico without an international program. It became very hard for us to understand the US application process which is so different from the one we know. We also didn’t know how majors, such as architecture and medicine, differ from their equivalents in our country. It was really by providence that Brady came to our lives; not only did he help in the application process but he opened so many new options as well. Thanks to Brady, our boys discovered other schools that specialize and are in the top tier in the majors they wanted. The application process is already very stressful, but with three boys applying at the same time it was really tough for the family. Brady was a great coach for all of us, he followed up closely during the whole process and became personally involved. We believe that Brady understands the particular personalities and aspirations of our sons, this has been so important to guide them in the right path. Our boys were admitted to great schools and Brady continues to follow up and advise them. Brady is now more than an advisor; he is a true friend. By the way, he also was a great therapist for one very stressed father, ha!
— Alfonso & Isabel Peláez, parents
I have enjoyed the pleasure of working with Brady Norvall on a number of educational projects, over many years, including parent and student (separate and together) workshops delivered by him at various stages of our school calendar. Mr. Norvall´s workshops are invariably insightful, informative, well researched, relevant, heartfelt and considered.  He marries a rare blend of a proven professional track record and in-depth experience with an intuitive and person centered approach to coaching and counseling. This arguably allows him to see the person/applicant in the process and not lose sight of personal needs and idiosyncrasies. Numerous parents and students have warmed to his ability to pay attention to much needed details and to craft a workable plan around genuine needs whilst consistently placing the learner at the center of all his words and deeds. He comes highly recommended.
— Dr Barry J Hallinan, Senior Master | St. Paul's School, Sao Paulo, Brazil
We have invited Brady to speak with our chapter in Lima, Peru, on two separate occasions. Both times, the information he has given has been compelling; he speaks about a topic for which many of our members have tremendous interest: our kids and their educational pursuits. He has a phenomenal capacity of not only his field but of conveying the information clearly and comfortably. Not only do parents engage with him and feel respected and understood, but the kids do, too. If you want lots of information, Brady is super. If you want to get into specifics and really probe the particulars in a question and answer format, he’s excellent!
— Francisco D'Angelo, YPO | Lima, Peru